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Hynix JCE 참가 기업
 Employer  Hynix ( http://www.hynix.co.kr/kor/05_careers/01_news/news )
 Industry  반도체
 Address  000, 000 [00000]
 Closing Date  Until Filled
 Duties  연구개발, 상품기획 및 마케팅
 Job Category  Marketing/Marketing , Information Technology/Information Technology
 Location  Korea/Kyung-Gi , Korea/Seoul , Korea/ChunBook
 Employment type  추후협의
 No. positions  0  Salary  추후협의
 Sponsor Visa?  No Spec  Commute Dist  무관( mile)
 Education  Bachelor  Experience  1 Year ↑
 Person  담당자
 Phone  000-000-0000 [FAX : 000000]
 App. Method  On-line
1. Opening Positions
- Semiconductor design/device/process/product engineering
- New-product development

2. Job Description
- Design : Circuit design, simulation, layout
- Device : Device development, process integration
- Process : Photo mask development, OPC processing, process development
- Product : Product analysis and testing
- Product development : Memory trend analysis, Product line-up planning
*Date : 2011-06-24    *Read :9,790
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